My name is Hugo but I’m going by Kitty more and more. I’m a non-binary web developer in Berlin. I have led the web team at N26 for over 4 years and am about to get started at Gorillas. I specialise in accessibility and inclusivity. For a longer version, read more about me.

Latest articles

I love writing, and have been sharing my thoughts—mainly about web development—on this blog for years. If you are looking for something specific, try the search. I also had the pleasure of hosting guest authors and would recommend you read their posts!

Retrospective on Fela

November 23, 2020

Read article Retrospective on Fela

User preferences in React

November 20, 2020

Read article User preferences in React

Managing npm dependencies

November 19, 2020

Read article Managing npm dependencies
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Main projects

I used to be quite involved in open-source development. I have initiated and contributed to many projects, most of which about Sass or digital accessibility.

Selectors Explained

About CSS

Look at project Selectors Explained


About Accessibility

Look at project A11y-dialog

Sass Guidelines

About Sass

Look at project Sass Guidelines
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Last events

I enjoy talking at conferences when I find time. If you would like me to attend one of your events, feel free to get in touch! In the mean time, feel free to have a look at my past talks.

Paris Web

October 04, 2018 · Paris

Check event Paris Web

A11y Meetup Berlin

May 17, 2018 · Berlin

Check event A11y Meetup Berlin

Tinel Meetup

October 26, 2017 · Split

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