I am a non-binary French front-end developer based in Berlin. After a couple of years working as a developer in the French banking industry, I had the great opportunity to join Edenspiekermann in Berlin to work on a large variety of client projects. In 2016, I quit to join N26 as a web tech lead to improve mobile banking in Germany and Europe.

I used to be an active open-source community member. I have contributed to many projects, as well as initiated a few of my own as well. Among them, let’s mention Browserhacks, SassDoc, Sass Guidelines, Simplified JavaScript Jargon, a11y-dialog and a11y-toggle.

Early 2014, I authored a French book on CSS 3 entitled CSS 3 Pratique du Design Web with Raphaël Goetter. Early 2016, I authored a book about Sass entitled Jump Start Sass with Miriam Suzanne.

I used to be a Google Developer Expert in front-end development, and one of the 5 nominees for the Net Awards under the Developer of the Year category.

If you have any question, feel free to ask me anything on me Ask Me Anything repository.